Cee & Zed Sections

Multi-Cee & Multi-Zed High strength Purlins

Multi-Cee & Zed Purlins are structural members designed and produced using advanced technology, quality and customer oriented services for use as secondary supports for economical roof sheeting and wall cladding systems in any type of building with following added advantages :-

• Continuous splay or splicing for better Structural Strength, Stability & Economy.

• 45º Lip for better sectional modulus and easy nesting. These are supplied in required length with pre-punched holes for quick bolting. The system gives an excellent strength to weight ratio with flexibility for specific size requirement.

Surface Treatment

Multi-Zed and Multi-Cee made of Hot Rolled Coils are degreased, phosphated and then primer finished with Zinc Chromate Red Oxide Paint- matching test requirement of IS : 4777 and IS : 2074.

Special Treatment to combat severe atmosphere corrosion can be offered.

Multicolor Offers Cee & Zed in Galvanised coated Steel in 120GSM / 175GSM / 275 GSM Coating per customer requirement for high corrosion environment.

Intelligent Roll Forming

Multi-Zed and Multi-Cee are Roll Formed using High Quality machine with online measuring, cutting, punching and Forming to give Best Quality Product.

System Of Connections

There are three systems of connections based on design of purlin and its connections: