Wall Ventilation System

Multicolor® Steels provides a complete modern approach for walls by providing healthy working environment desirable for worker comfort and productivity, an efficient ventilation system - Multi Louvers. Framed Louvers are designed to provide water resistance against all weather conditions.
The design acts to actively filter water from air. The air passage is designed to move water droplets to the LOUVER surfaces, where they are drained.


No Operational Costs : Louvers provide ventilation effect without the consumption of electric power.

Reduced Power Costs : Proper ventilation provides a cooler, low humidity working environment, which reduces the need for costly air conditioning or industrial fans.

Reduced Maintenance Costs : The maintenance cost is drastically reduce


The FRAME LOUVER vents are aesthetically pleasing and available in a range of finishes and colors to match or contrast adjoining materials.

Common Uses

Multi-Louvers for walls are meant for warehouses, factories and workshops, Gyms, Tennis courts, Assembly halls, garages, toilets, laundries etc.