Multicolor® Steels has introduced a wind driven natural Ventilation system with a motive to expel hot, humid and moisture laden air from industrial buildings to give a more comfortable clean working environment replacing summer heat and winter damp with fresh air.

Wind Driven Ventilators is manufactured from rust-resistant, lightweight galvanized steel. It has been designed to meet AS2428.1-1993 to wind speeds of 200 km/hr and to the entry of wind driven rain at a range of 2.5L/sec, under cyclonic conditions.

Using only the power of wind, Wind Driven Industrial Ventilators silently draw hot, damp and stagnant air from the building, replacing it with clean, fresh air - all year round.... Without any maintenance costs. It will also extract deadly smoke and fumes from the building, allowing occupants a much better chance of escaping safely.


No Operating Costs: As the Multi-Vent System, is a self contained wind powered design, there are no operational costs incurred.

Reduced Power Costs: Proper ventilation provides a cooler, low humidity working environment, which reduces the need for costly air conditioning or industrial fans.

Reduced Installation Costs: Due to the versatility of the variable pitch throat, installation costs are reduced as one unit fits most industrial application (00 to 22.50).

Income Tax Benefit: Multi-vents are 100% depreciable under Income tax laws giving huge benefits.

Reduced Maintenance Costs: Rising damp & humidity causes corrosion of building structures, painted surface, metal fittings and electrical wiring. Proper ventilation eliminates these problems.

Common Uses

Multi-Vent roof ventilation system is meant for warehouses, factories and workshops, Gyms, Tennis courts, Assembly halls, garages, toilets, laundries etc.

Exhaust Capacity M3/hr