Multicolor® Noise Barriers

Multicolor® Noise Barriers

We design, manufacture & install customized noise barrier that suits the requirement of our clients. Entire range of noise barrier is certified, high performing to solve the noise problems.

Safety: The noise barriers are totally safe from every aspect. The possibility of a mishap from the barrier structure is eliminated. The barriers are made from safe materials that are non-harmful to the atmosphere.

Noise Blockage: The barriers are designed in a manner to provide a substantial noise blockage. The height of the barrier is calculated as per the sound attenuation requirement which takes into consideration the height of the source as well as the height of the area that needs noise protection.


Generally metallic noise barrier/ acoustic panel has its own utilities as per its requirement and are highly demanded product to control the noise in following fields:


  • Noise Barrier for Construction Sites
  • Noise Barrier for Manufacturing Unit
  • Noise Barrier for Railways
  • Noise Barrier for Highways
  • Noise Barrier for Airport
  • Noise Barrier for Cement Plant
  • Noise Barrier for Steel Plant
  • Noise Barrier for Heavy Forging Plant


The noise barrier provides effective sound absorption and very little transmission loss. The gasket seals at the joints ensure that there is no sound leakage. We manufacture noise barriers as a total noise control solution. Our products are quality assured and of the highest standards. We will deliver the product and perform a complete installation. Our skilled team can do a quick and efficient installation of the barrier wall.