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Structural ThermoSteel™ Insulated Roof and Wall Sandwich Panels

ThermoSteel™ are self-supporting insulated metal sandwich panels which are light weight, ready-to-use for industrial and commercial roofs and side wall panels consisting of outer and inner metal sheet bonded with core of either EPS, XPS or Rock Wool.
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Advantages of EPS (Expanded Polystyrene)

:Over the past six decades, EPS more commonly called "foam" or "Styrofoam", has become world-wide acceptable as the safe, highly effective, economical form of building insulation. Use of this material provides a number of substantial advantages with regard to physical, economic and ecological properties.

  • Energy-saving
  • • Moisture resistant
  • • Lightweight (98% air, 2% plastics)
  • • Rot-proof
  • • High durability
  • • Sound insulation
  • • Safe to use and non-toxic
  • • Versatile
  • • Fire retardant
  • • Economical

Advantages of Rockwool/Mineral Wool Panels

:Rock wool insulation is often referred to as stone wool insulation, mineral wool insulation, or slag wool insulation. This rock is heated to an incredibly high temperature and then spun into a fine wool and then can be used as an insulation material for many different purposes. It is mostly used where: high fire resistant and high sound insulation properties are required.

  • • Fire Resistant
  • • Heat insulating
  • • Non-combustible
  • • Lightweight
  • • Moisture and water repellent
  • • Sound-absorbing
  • • Available in multiple sizes and shapes for  various applications