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Screw Down Wall Panel



Burly-Clad 44™

ZAP 88™

In addition to our Hidden screw and semi concealed fastener wall panels, we offer four different type of screw down wall profiles, these includes Multi-Clad, Multi-Rib, Burly-Clad & Zap 88. Each profile has its unique appearance and features, offering the customers many options. These panels are one of the industry's best combinations of, performance, sustainability and value.

Our range of Screw Down Wall Panels includes:

1. Multi-Clad™ - Strong European Style Economical Wall Cladding System

2. Multi-Rib™ - 33mm Deep Corrugation Wall Cladding System

3. Burly-Clad 44™ - Strong Trapezoidal Wall Cladding

4. ZAP 88™ - Strong Side Wall Cladding With Deep Corrugation