Roof Ridge Ventilator

MRV-235 & MRV-465

It is the best choice of workshop roofs with pleasant looking, strong capability of waterproof, high-standardized manufacturing and unique design, which could meet demands of a variety of users. It is coefficient of resistance is 1.65 or less than 1.65.

Moreover, world-class techniques are employed to enhance the performance.

It has been tested by related international organizations with satisfactory results. Compared with traditional skylights, its finished air changes more quickly. Moreover, it has a better performance in preventing rain penetration and air change capacity than skylight.

It has been applied in a wide range of areas, like oil, chemical, metallurgical, electric, machinery, textile and building material industry.

These are light weighted, integrated packing and easy transportation, easy installation, waterproof, safe and friendly using, applicable to different kinds of workshops (it could be manual or powered according to user'