Natural Ventilation System

Screw Down Roof Panels



ZAP 88™

Burly-Clad 44®


Screws down Roofs panels are attached with exposed fasteners, are very popular, very sturdy and last just as long as Screwless roof panels. The beauty, strength, and simplicity of maintenance are quite appealing.

These panels are also sustainable and a durable choice, with the ability to successfully withstand the most extreme weather conditions.

Our range of Screw Down Roof Panels include:

1. Multi-Clad® - European Style Strong Screwdown Trapezoidal Roof Panels

2. Multi-Rib™ - Wide Span Trapezoidal Screwdown Roof Panels

3. ZAP 88™ - Zap 88mm Roofing System (Japanese Technology)

4. Burly-Clad 44® - Strongest Screwdown Trapezoidal Roofing